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Support of the Queensland Men's Shed Association by Vice-regal patronage

It is with great pleasure that we announce that on 12th April 2016 that His Excellency the Honourable Paul de jersey AC, Governor of Queensland, has agreed to accept patronage of the Queensland Men's Shed Association for the duration of his term as Governor of Queensland.

Invitations to the Governor

Individual Queensland Men's Sheds are encouraged to invite the Governor to an event that the Shed is organising.

The Governor’s Diary is formulated 3 months in advance. If you wish to invite the Governor to attend your function, please send your request in writing, including the following information:

• Date and time of the function (including the start and envisaged finish times)
• Venue (if the location is regional, please provide a description, eg: 50km west of Bundaberg)
• Type of function (eg Official Opening of a Conference; Anniversary Dinner; Open Day; Men's Health Promotion)
• Provide an overview of your Men's Shed
• The Governor's role at the event, including if a speech is required.

The invitation must be signed by a senior member of the Shed Organising Committee ie President, Chairman or Co-ordinator.
Invitations should be addressed to:

Official Secretary
Office of the Governor
GPO Box 434

You will be advised in writing when a decision has been made and if the Governor accepts your invitation you will then be sent Patronage Protocol Guidelines.

How to Address the Governor:

The correct form of address for the Governor is:
His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC Governor of Queensland
When speaking to the Governor in person, the words "Your Excellency" are used.

How to address Mrs de Jersey"

Mrs de Jersey

Graeme Curnow OAM
President, Queensland Men's Shed Association
Phone 07 3720 9789 | Mobile: 0407 653 013

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